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IWC Replica Watches just announced their first exclusive online watch for the USA – the Defy Classic Swizz Beatz Edition.

Limited to 50 pieces, this new timepiece is available only in the US at swizz.IWC Replica This limited edition features quotes from Swizz Beatz - Grammy Award Winner and Friend of Brand. It comes in a box which also functions as a turntable for 10” vinyl records.

The Defy Classic Swizz Beatz Edition features a black ceramic casing with a blackened skeleton clock dial. It also has an orange flange ring, a central seconds hand that matches the ring, and two straps – an orange textured alligator with orange stitching and a rubber-backed rubber strap.

IWC Replica Watches Defy Classic SWIZZ BEATZ Edition

IWC Replica Watches CEO Julien Tornare explained in an exclusive interview to Revolution.Watch why the brand chose to make this timepiece available exclusively online: "Contrary to the belief that was widely held in recent times that monobrand boutiques are the way to go it has become clear that IWC Replica Watches, and the entire watchmaking industry, need to step up their game when it comes to online sales and marketing. IWC Replica Watches is naturally interested in both options,IWC Replica Watches and there are still plenty of customers who prefer brick-and mortar. The ones who will survive are those with an understanding of digital and ecommerce. We are exploring ways to strengthen our online presence. Our partnerships with Farfetch and Mr Porter are two examples. Online shopping has the advantage of allowing us to provide a product at a lower price because there are fewer intermediaries. This is an example of 21st-century innovation. We are known and proud of the spirit of innovation we have. Swizz beatz, our Friend of Brand and well-integrated in America, has helped us to launch our first exclusive online product in the USA.

Swizz beatz is proud of the collaboration he has had with IWC Replica Watches. He says IWC Replica Watches is a brand that inspires confidence. It's also a brand that has mastered time and quality. IWC Replica Watches represents the future, and I am happy to be part of that with Julien. "The sky is not the limit. It's only the view."

Swizz beatz wearing the IWC Replica Watches Defy Classic Swizzbeats Edition

IWC Replica Watches chose the USA as the ideal market for its online-only timepiece. Tornare explains, "Choosing the USA as the location for our online launch was a bold move that we are always up for." Swizz beatz is the quintessential 'land-of-the-free'. Swizz Beatz will be selling its Defy Classic Swizz Beatz via a dedicated portal that combines e-commerce with experiential elements. This is a perfect example of the innovative spirit, and creative freedom, that defines Swizz Beatz.Rolex Submariner Replica US consumers are among the most accustomed to online shopping. It was therefore a natural choice to launch the operation in this location, which we hope to expand to a global level.

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